Coursera – Alternative Education

Let me start by saying that post-secondary education in Canada (and America) is freaking EXPENSIVE. “How expensive is it? It can’t be that bad! Here in [insert any other country here] our education is either paid for by the state or $1000/year! It can’t be any worse than that!”. Oh yes it can. If you… Continue reading Coursera – Alternative Education

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Granny Square Scrapghan 2015

I own a lot of yarn. I mean a LOT. I’m always picking up different colours and sizes of yarn, not necessarily because I need it, because I want it. I like it. I like the colour, the texture, the dye-lot, etc. Sometimes I see yarn that’s at the bottom of a bin; abandoned and… Continue reading Granny Square Scrapghan 2015

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The Gift of Giving

Lately, I’ve really been in the mood for giving. I always feel such a sense of goodness and love in my heart when I give to others without expecting anything in return. When you give something special to someone that you’ve made just for them, just seeing the gratitude on their faces really makes you… Continue reading The Gift of Giving

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First Post – Pioneer Days

Hey guys! Thank-you so much for joining me for my first post! I have always beenĀ a huge fan of Laura Ingalls Wilder. I am also a fan of pioneers in general. My Grandmother owns all of the books about Laura Ingalls Wilder and her daughter Rose Wilder Lane. I remember being just six years old… Continue reading First Post – Pioneer Days