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The Gift of Giving

Lately, I’ve really been in the mood for giving. I always feel such a sense of goodness and love in my heart when I give to others without expecting anything in return. When you give something special to someone that you’ve made just for them, just seeing the gratitude on their faces really makes you feel good about what you’ve done and about yourself. You’ve done something wonderful to help comfort said person, cheer them up, and just make them feel so loved and important.

So far I’ve given a prayer shawl to someone that lost her son a few months ago. I’ve given a banner of five purple hearts and two awareness ribbons on each end to a Mother who lost her daughter because her daughter’s ex-fiance decided to brutally murder her when she said she was leaving him. I embroidered the letters of her daughter’s name onto the purple hearts. I gave a baby blanket to a first time Grandmother, a hat to a friend that had lost hers, and a car seat blanket and headband set to a brand new Mother. I’ve never once expected to receive anything back in return, and I still don’t. If I do receive something in return I am always so surprised and grateful to that person for taking the time to gift me something back. I like to think that they get the same feeling I do when I gift things to others.

The Complete Book of Knitting by Barbara Abbey

A while back a few people surprised me with some really awesome gifts! It felt so nice that they were thinking of me and decided that I was the one destined for these items. The first one I got was from the Pastor’s wife at my Church. She had found a book that belonged to her Mother called “The Complete Book of Knitting by Barbara Abbey”. The book was published all the way back in 1971! It talks about everything from choosing the right needles and equipment to different techniques and abbreviations used all around the world. Anything you ever wanted to know about knitting is in this book, and now it belongs to me! You can bet I will be taking extremely good care of this wonderful book.

Better Homes and Gardens Complete Book of Knitting Crochet & Embroidery
Better Homes and Gardens Complete Book of Knitting Crochet & Embroidery

The second gift I received is also a book that was given to me by someone from my Church. It’s called “Better Homes and Gardens Complete Book of Knitting Crochet & Embroidery”. This book was first published in 1972. The book takes you through a lot of techniques related to each craft. There are some things in the book that I haven’t even heard of before! There are also plenty of patterns in there. Once I get some free time I’ll go through the book and pick some topics to talk to you and, possibly, teach you about if you don’t know of them already.

Crochet Made Easy Interactive CD by Red Heart
Crochet Made Easy Interactive CD by Red Heart

The final gift I received is a “Crochet Made Easy” interactive CD-ROM that my Grandmother gifted to me when I started learning how to crochet. It’s actually pretty cool! It’s from Red Heart and it takes you through the basics of crochet while offering you 20 projects to choose from. You can choose to make a scarf, some coasters, a vest, a baby set, a granny square afghan, and much more! It’s illustrated, bright, and a fun way to learn how to crochet!

Any time you can use your skills to help others, I encourage you to do it! It not only makes the person you are helping feel amazing, it also makes you feel wonderful as well. If everyone showed an act of kindness to just one person a day, I’m pretty sure we could change the world. Think about it. 🙂



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