Two Jobs!?

Yesterday, as I sat at home, I thought about my current job and how absolutely crazy it is. Yes, the pay is great and the work is mindless (to some extent) but there’s also some cons to it as well. For one thing, walking into work literally feels like you’re walking into a high school made up of 50 – 60 year olds (and the odd almost 40 year olds) that are still stuck in their 18-year-old mindsets. The drama and bullying there, at times, can be astronomically ridiculous! There are a few good people there and once you find them you cling to them for dear life! Still though, the bad people always manage to outweigh the good ones for some odd reason.
There’s also the fact that my job is no longer hiring full time employees. This means that you’ll be stuck as a part-timer for a very long time (if not forever). Part-time does have its perks though. Your regular hours are only 5 hours with the possibility of extension for 8 hours. You can choose if you want to work the extended hours or go home at your regular time. So it’s pretty flexible in that regard. However, the taxes and deductions that come off the pay check are super crazy. For example, I just got my pay stub on Sunday. My pay day is Thursday, so it’s nice that I can check what I’m getting and budget accordingly. Anyway, I made almost $1100 in two weeks. That’s a lot! However, because of all the taxes and deductions, I only got to see less than $700 of that. For me, that’s a yikes moment because I can’t even afford rent with that kind of pay. I decided that I needed to take some action. Since my husband isn’t working at the moment (not for a lack of trying, but because our economy at the moment is so bad that apparently places are only hiring people with a lot of previous experience), I decided to look for a second job to supplement the income from my first.

I sat down at the computer and brought up the Michaels Canada page. I had applied for them previously back in October but I had never gotten a call back. I decided to take a chance and apply again. A page came up saying that I had applied before and I couldn’t reapply until after a certain date. Fortunately for me, the reapply date was November 3rd and it was November 4th when I applied. I applied for everything: morning merchandiser, cashier, class teacher, customer service associate, etc. I sent it off, hoped for the best, and went back to researching Christmas presents.
My phone started ringing! I don’t usually answer my phone, but I thought it might be a job calling for an interview for my husband so I picked up. Lo and behold, it was Michaels! They asked me in for an interview that afternoon! So I went.
When I got there, the poor guy that was to interview me was insanely busy dealing with a lot of problems that had popped up all at once! He told me he would come and get me when everything had settled a bit. I said okay and wandered the yarn section. I found some pretty great yarn there too, but I can’t afford it at the moment. It was gorgeous!
After a bit of time had passed, I was invited into a back room to participate in the interview. The guy said I had applied for the merchandising position and asked if I had done that kind of job before. I said yes, I had done the same type of thing at Costco. Well, his eyes widened and he said, “you worked for Costco? That place is a ZOO!!!”. He then proceeded to tell me that if I had worked there then there would be high expectations of me at Michaels. He then said, “I want to hire you. In fact, I’m going to hire you!”. My heart soared! I was so excited!! He told me to come in for orientation on Friday at 1:00pm (for me, that’s tomorrow), shook my hand, and sent me on my way. 😀

Right now, I’m both excited and nervous about the job. It pays on the lower side ($12) but I can make that work. I’m excited because I’ll be working at my favourite craft store! I’ll get a good discount and I can purchase what I need right there without having to plan a trip on a busy day. I’m nervous, however, because I don’t know if I can handle two jobs. What if I fail? What if I can’t meet the expectations set for me? What if I get bullied there too? I mean, nothing compares to the bullying at my other job but still. There’s always that possibility. My anxiety is acting up and it feels so weird.

What do you guys thing? Am I crazy for worrying so much? Do you think I can do this? Let me know!

I’ll post an update once I find out what happens tomorrow. 🙂



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