Temperature Blanket 2016

I’ve decided to take the plunge and do the temperature blanket this year. Last year my best friend and I decided to do one together. I got halfway through January and gave up. I believe she finished hers. If I bug her enough I might be able to get a photo of it!

Honestly, I wasn’t even planning on doing one this year at all. It was the furthest thing from my mind! That is, until I saw a post on The Crochet Crowd detailing this blanket and how much fun it would be. I have a bad habit of thinking, “well, if The Crochet Crowd is doing it then I can too!”. So now, in the time span of 10 minutes, I’ve committed myself to working on this project.

If you don’t know what a temperature blanket is, here’s a quote from The Crochet Crowd explaining it (I would explain it myself but their explanation is just so perfect):

“If you have never heard of a Temperature Afghan, it’s pretty straight forward. You commit to crocheting 1 – 3 rows / rounds of your work using the temperature gauge as your colour choice each day. So you can either check your temperature outside of your home or refer to the weather network each day and crochet accordingly. If you think you are not going to crochet for a day, just take the temperature and write it down so when you pick up your project, you have that information handy.

Once you know the temperature, look at your gauge and crochet the colour that falls within the temperature readings.

The trick is not to cheat the system by falsifying a temperature because you think the colour shouldn’t go where it does. The whole point is capturing the temperature as it happens making the afghan a true representation of the season you are crocheting in.

PSST… if you cannot start on the first of the month, you can start anytime, when you are done, no one is really going to know if you started on a the 1st of the month or had to delay it.” – The Crochet Crowd, 2016

The Crochet Crowd also has a downloadable/printable temperature gauge that you can use as a guide to determine your colours/temperature ranges. Theirs won’t work for me because it doesn’t get hotter than maybe 30 degrees Celsius here (86 degrees Fahrenheit). So I’ve decided to change the ranges and colours as follows:

31 to 40° – Red (this is really rare)
21 to 30° – Orange
11 to 20° – Yellow
1 to 10° – Green
0 to -10° – Blue
-11 to -20° – Purple
– 21 to -30° – Dark Purple
-31 -40° and below – White (I am counting windchill in this because we get it a lot)

This year is also a rare opportunity because it’s the leap year! So instead of 365 rows (if you do one at a time), you will have 366!

I will be checking the temperature at the same time every day (today I checked it at 1:30pm) and I will post an update every Friday on how my blanket is coming along. I will be using a pattern called “Spectrum Afghan” by Yarnspirations.

I will probably post something later day, or tomorrow, with some tips and tricks I’ve discovered from attempting the project last year.

If you want to read more about this project, please check out the original post on The Crochet Crowd.

Let me know if you, too, will be working on this project with me! I would love to see all the wonderful temperature blankets from all the different regions of the world!



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