Temperature Blanket Tips and Tricks

Today I want to talk to you about some tips and tricks that I discovered when I was attempting to do the Temperature Blanket/Afghan last year. Some of these may work for you and some of them may not. I’m hoping that this will give you some ideas for your blankets and make your lives a little bit easier as you tackle this project. So, here we go!

1. Pick a pattern you will enjoy working on.
Last year I decided to do small granny squares and join them as I went. It was fun for a week and then it just became tedious. I made it to the middle of January before giving up on the project altogether. This year I’ve decided to do a pattern in rows instead.

2. Choose colours and alter your temperature gauge accordingly.
The gauge at Yarnspirations goes up to 40 degrees Celsius and down to below 6 degrees Celsius. The climate that I live in doesn’t get above 30 degrees (and that’s pretty rare) and it can get all the way down to -40 degrees! I adjusted my temperatures accordingly and I also changed the range so that it would be within 10 degree increments instead of 5 like they had on Yarnspirations.

3. Make sure your yarn is the same weight and material.
I cannot stress this enough. If you are using 100% acrylic yarn then make sure the rest of your yarn is the same! Mixing cotton and acrylic yarn might look nice or serve your basic needs (if you are using stash yarn like me) but once you wash it the cotton will shrink and your blanket will be warped. It’s safer and easier to use the same type of yarn throughout your project.

4. Keep a card with a piece of yarn from each colour taped to it.
This will make it easier to find the colour you need if you run out during your project. I’m bad for not keeping labels, so this helps me a lot! If you do keep labels, write down the information on a card. It’s easier to carry one card with you instead of 6-8 labels.

5. Have fun!!

If you guys have any other tips, tricks, and ideas, feel free to let me know! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!



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