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Creative Stitches 2016

A good friend of mine from school won tickets to the Creative Stitches Show here in Calgary, AB. It’s not something he’s really interested in, so he sent my Mom a message and gave her the tickets in the hopes that it would make us feel a bit better after my Grandpa’s passing (my Mom’s Dad). Isn’t he a great guy?? It turns out that he had won four tickets and he gave all four to us! I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful friend like him in my life!

The 2014 and 2015 shows were spent with my “friend” and her Mom. This year, my “friend” has decided to throw away our 11-year-long friendship by ignoring me in the hopes that I will disappear. Wish granted, I guess? This year, I went with my Mom and my Grandma. My Mom is great at crochet and Tunisian crochet. My Grandma can knit, crochet, loom knit, sew, cross stitch, you name it! Unfortunately, because she had been taking care of my Grandpa for so long, her hands started to become weaker and she has a large bump at the base of her thumb which causes her a lot of pain when she knits.

We arrived at the show quite early in the morning and started out by looking at the quilts from the Canadian Quilter’s Association. We saw a gorgeous maple leaf quilt that I unfortunately didn’t get a picture of. If I can find it on Google, I’ll post it here for you. We wandered around for a while looking at all the quilts and the sewing machines. There were so many gorgeous quilts!! My Mom isn’t a quilter and even she enjoyed looking at them all!

We stopped at The Crafty Lady and Grandma bought herself a really nice knitting book with really gorgeous patterns inside. She figured she could knit them up once she was able to get surgery done on her hands to remove the lump. Happy with her purchase, we moved on.

Grandma was in search of a knitting machine, and I remember that they had one at the show last year and hoped they would have one this year too. We stopped at a small booth that sold tons of looms, knitting needles, and other crafting essentials, and we asked if they had a knitting machine. It turns out that there hasn’t been a demand for them lately, so they were discontinued. My Grandma saw a pair of knitting needles with a project on them and the gentleman welcomed her to give them a try. She was a bit skeptical, since she hasn’t been able to knit with regular needles for a long time because of how much pain they caused her hands. However, these needles were a bit different. The needles were the Boye Artisan Square Aluminum Fixed Circular Knitting Needles and they have flat sides (aka, they are cubed). My Grandma was both surprised and happy that she could knit with these needles and they didn’t hurt her hands at all! So, she happily bought a pair!

With her knitting needles in tow, we decided to go back to The Crafty Lady because Grandma wanted some yarn for the patterns in her book. She bought the softest, most plush yarn they had! I think she’s really excited about her new knitting needles, patterns, and yarn! I bought myself two skeins of James C. Brett DK yarn and a pattern for a self closing dragon scarf. I promised my friend that I would make him something lovely in exchange for the tickets, and I think this dragon scarf will be the perfect item!

As for my Mom, she showed some interest in the interchangeable Tunisian crochet hooks but decided against getting them because my Dad had told her, “get anything you want as long as you’re actually going to use it”. She decided she should finish the blanket she’s been working on for my brother first before buying anything else. She started it when he was 5. He’s 20 now, lol!

We didn’t stay too long at the show because Grandma was getting tired from walking around so much (she brought her walker with her, but it was still quite a bit of walking for her to do). We all went out for lunch at Tim Horton’s (so Canadian of us) and my Mom went home after that so she could get some sleep before her night shift at work. I drove my Grandma back home, spent some time with her, and then had to leave to pick up my husband from work. I DID stop by Michael’s before I picked him up because I wanted to check something out. I found out that Michael’s sells knitting machines!! So, if Grandma doesn’t get one for herself, I will get her one for Christmas!

If you’re wondering what happened to that fourth ticket, I’ll tell you! Since I couldn’t get in contact with my “friend” we gave the last ticket to the counter lady and asked her to give the free ticket to the next person that came through. Pay it forward!

All in all it was a great day and I can’t wait to show you my finish projects (if I can get around to actually completing one – I’m so bad for having project ADD)!

Have a great week, and I’ll talk to you soon!





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